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 Eagle Eye suggestion.

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Eagle Eye suggestion. Empty
PostSubject: Eagle Eye suggestion.   Eagle Eye suggestion. I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 08, 2010 1:52 pm

Eagle Eye suggestion. EE

Global Risk (only)

Requirements for this plan:
3.Fast reaction skills
4.Decent amount of players (4 v 4 or more)
4A.Send 2 players to mid if you have a 7 v 7 or 8 v 8

Ok so I was thinking of 1 strats for global risk. Tell me if there's a flaw, but I'm pretty sure there isn't. It's a trick play. So we send 2 people. 1 or 2 mid/1 A-site. The rest go B site.

1 x A-Site. Only peak DON'T PUSH. Put enough so your head is sticking out to see if there coming. Then you run away and report how many. DO NOT GET CAUGHT AND PICKED OFF. So after if they do come, run to B site and meet up with everyone,and further instructions will be sent. You can hide beside the boxes to see long A. Don't hide to far back or they might surprise you. Don't go into multi windows. IF they do come. Run out ASAP AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! and back to B-Site with the team.(Rifle/Sniper) [Ventrilo is needed].

1/2 x Middle doors. 1 sniper/1 rifler or 2 riflers. 1 Look above the barriers for headshots, one stands at an angle to look at the box near the tower to see. Only leave a snippet to see if they went over there. If so regroup back to B-Site. IF you can pick off there head at the beginning then do so, but don't get killed. (Rifler/Sniper)

Here is where it all comes together:
you gotta stick together and attack at all the same times, so it's very intense for the enemies. It will make it very difficult for them to keep track of people killing and dieing. This is where the numbers come in. If your a man short you have to kill an extra man. That's why we don't want that. We need to be even that's why it's important to keep everybody. More than likely someone will end up killing 2 or 3 people maybe. When we say RUSH WE RUSH! NO HOLDING BACK LAST ONE IN THE FIGHT WILL BE IN TROUBLE.

If they attack B-Site:
Now we got a lot of people there. So it should be covered pretty good. Don't sit back go up and be a man and attack if they do attack at B-Site. Play the same plan the next round,because they think it was a entire B-Cover. Now the people at A and Mid (1 can go B and help if theres 2) can protect the area in case its a flank.

Caution!: IF they do attack A-Site you really gotta watch out for our base, because someone can sneak through there. So someone on the side of B-Site can sit our base and camp while 4/5 B-site.

4 v 4/5 v 5/ 6 v 6. 1 mid 1 A
7 v 7/8 v 8. 1 mid 1/2 A (Make it one hell of a fight. Maybe send 1 or 2 Base/3 attacking mid 3 Attacking long A. 1/2 Base)

Pretty much this plan is figuring out if there attacking A-Site. If they do we all regroup and make one large fight at all directions. Very easy plan. No one shall be picked of nor should be.

Question/Comments/Concerns. Leave it in the comment section I'll get back to it ASAP(As soon as possible for whom doesn't know). KthxBye

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Eagle Eye suggestion.
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