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 New Synergy Rule.

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New Synergy Rule. Empty
PostSubject: New Synergy Rule.   New Synergy Rule. I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 15, 2010 10:51 am

This has been said before, but not forced 100%. It is now. The new rule is no more fighting with each other. No more bitching and yelling at each other. Suicide is getting aggravated. He's trying to get us sponsors, but we gotta work as a team. You get 3 strikes. 1 your warning. 2nd you better shape up. 3 Your outta here. You will be kicked from the clan ASAP. If you do something bad enough. You can hit the 3rd strike in 1 shot. We need to cooperate as a team think like a team, and get along. The 3 strikes reset once a YEAR. Yea you get 2 strikes you better chill for a long time. We need to cut people. We rather pick a guy who is willing to work with the team, and who's So-so over a pro with a big trashy ass mouth. When it comes to sponsors we gotta minimize our clan. So you wanna stay here. Being Sponsored is a big thing. Free stuff for representing them. SO GET ALONG!
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New Synergy Rule.
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